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Subject deals with science of earth or earth science that includes all aspects of earth study especially it focuses more on internal aspects. It throws light on earth dynamics, earth history, geodesy & geometry or earth, geochemistry, geophysics, mineralogy, petrology, paleontology, economic geology, structural geology & applied aspects too. At present earth science has got lot of scope and gained momentum in basic science. There are lot of opportunities for well trained geologists in academic, organizational, Institutional & departmental fields.


Department has well qualified faculty members and skilled laboratory staff. Good lecture halls, laboratories, library and marvelous museum attracts attention. In addition department is equipped with research lab and separate computer lab. for staff & students.


The elegant museum has best exhibits of systematically arranged minerals, rocks, fossil specimen. There are many maps, models, charts, aerial photos, imageries etc. Few specimen are unique & few are rarest ones. That is why it is one of the best geological museums in southern part of India.


Department study circle arranges seminars, workshops, exhibitions, invited lectures, field mapping and competitions for students.  Staff members engage themselves in societal activities especially popularization of geosciences. They extend their service in giving borewell location, rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge structures; estimation of ore bodies, mineral deposits, rocks etc.

Faculties of the Department

Dr. S.C. Chougala Associate Professor
Dr. S. ManjunathaHead of the Department
Dr. J.T.GudagurAssociate Professor
Dr. R.Y.Budihal Associate Professor

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