Department of Zoology, Microbiology & Industrial Fisheries

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Department of Zoology was established in the year 1924. It is provided with 3 lecture halls, 1 Library, 4 student laboratories and 3 well established Research Laboratories. The dept. also has a museum which is known as one of the oldest museum of the nation. It has a large collection of rare specimens and a artifacts of taxidermy. The Department organizes seminars, group discussions, invited talks, field trip and study tours etc. Dr. A.A.Hooli, Dr. (Smt.) M.S.Nayak are actively involved in research and guiding students for Ph.D.  Dr. (Smt.) N.V. Biradar has research project in Zoology worth Rs. 30,000 funded by department of Vision Group Science & Technology (VGST- SPICE) Government of Karnatak. Dr. (Smt.) A.S.Bellad has a research project in Microbiology worth Rs. 30,000 funded by Department of Vision Group Science & Technology (VGST- SPICE)  Government of Karnatak. Students are involved in these projects.


The Department also houses other two sister Departments Viz Microbiology and Industrial Fisheries facilitated with separate, Spacious & well equipped laboratories.

Faculties of the Department

Dr.(Smt) M.S. Nayak Associate Professor
Dr.(Smt) A.S.Bellad Head of the Department
Dr. (Smt) R.D.SankalAssistant Professor
Dr. S.S.MangalwadeAssistant Professor
Prof. Harsha D. NeelgundAssistant Professor

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